Through our amicus curiae ("friend of the court") project, we provide amicus assistance to cases in Oregon that present significant social justice issues related to criminal defense, civil rights, or juvenile justice, or are of particular importance to communities typically underserved by the legal system.

As part of our mission to advance civil rights and liberties through advocacy, we draft as well as sign on to amicus briefs on cutting-edge social justice issues facing Oregon courts. Amicus curiae briefs are an important way in which we contribute our analysis of significant but undeveloped aspects of critical cases.

how to request an amicus brief

If you are in the process of litigating a case and would like us to submit an amicus brief on your behalf, please send your request to We cannot guarantee that we will be willing to write a brief for every submission, but we do thoroughly review all submissions for merit.

Please provide a short memo summarizing the following in your submission to us:

  1. Case name (full names of the parties) and number
  2. Procedural posture
  3. Briefing schedule/calendar (actual and possible extensions)
  4. Summary of facts
  5. Summary of issue(s) we should weigh in on
  6. Name and contact information of attorneys (trial, appellate, PCR)
  7. Any other considerations or relevant information

Email your memo as a Word document to


  1. Haugen v Kitzhaber
  2. Oregon v DeLong
  3. Miguel Cabrera-Cruz v Oregon
  4. Oregon v Hickman (via Oregon Innocence Project)
  5. Oregon v Johnson (via Oregon Innocence Project)
  6. Jose Antonio Gonzalez Verduzco v Oregon
  7. Oregon v Prieto-Rubio
  8. Oregon v Jimenez
  9. Tyson v Brockamp
  10. Oregon v Dye (via Oregon Innocence Project)
  11. Oregon v JCN-V (Petition for Review)
  12. Oregon v JCN-V (Brief on the Merits)
  13. Oregon v Althouse
  14. Reeves v Nooth (via Oregon Innocence Project)
  15. Oregon v Dye (Reply via Oregon Innocence Project)
  16. In the Matter of A. E. P., a Child. DHS v. K. A. H. (via Oregon Innocence Project)
  17. Gable v Williams (via Oregon Innocence Project)
  18. Oregon v Maciel-Figueroa
  19. Oregon v Davidson
  20. State v Barrett
  21. State v. Norgren (Oregon Court of Appeals)
  22. State v. Ryan
  23. Eklof v. Steward (via Oregon Innocence Project)
  24. Oregon v. Williams
  25. Oregon v. Winn
  26. Cunio v. Premo
  27. State v. Fonte
  28. State v. Norgren (Oregon Supreme Court)
  29. United States of America v. State of California et al
  30. State v. Black (via Oregon Innocence Project)

The OJRC Lawyers' Committee

The Committee is authorized to decide that we will participate as amicus. The members of the Committee are:

  • Erik Blumenthal
  • Lindsey Burrows (past Co-Chair)
  • Graham Fisher
  • Sarah Laidlaw, Chair
  • Crystal Maloney
  • Jason Weber
  • Sara Werboff, (past Co-Chair)
  • Alex Wheatley
  • Justin Withem