Our major areas of work are:

  • Innocence and wrongful convictions, exonerations, legal reforms to prevent wrongful convictions

  • Mass incarceration

  • Justice-involved women

  • The intersection between criminal law and immigration law, sometimes called "crimmigration"

  • Prisoner reentry and the collateral consequences of convictions

  • Youth justice

  • The death penalty

  • Training law students

Primary media contact

Alice Lundell, Director of Communication
503.563.3356 | alundell@ojrc.info


11/14/18 Joint statement from the ACLU of Oregon, CAIR Oregon, the OJRC and the Western States Center on the defeat of the proposed protest ordinance.

9/19/18 Statement regarding Aaron Anthony Cantu’s Tort Claim Notice

9/10/18 Oregon Innocence Project announces its first exoneration

8/27/18 Statement in response to 16 Oregon Sheriffs backing anti-immigrant, racial profiling ballot measure

8/21/18 Statement in response to Nationwide Prison Strike

7/17/18 Statement in response to comments by the Portland Police Association about houselessness in Portland and the City's response to it

7/11/18 Statement in response to a review of conditions for ICE detainees at NORCOR

6/6/18 Response from the OJRC to news of state and local agencies cooperating with ICE

5/16/18 Statement regarding the decision of the Oregon Supreme Court in State v. Norgren

5/10/18 Statement regarding the decision of the Oregon Supreme Court in Kinkel v. Persson

5/7/18 Unlocking Measure 57 update: News advisory

5/1/18 This is Innocence: News advisory

2/27/18 Juvenile justice joint letter to Governor Brown and legislators

2/14/18 Clackamas judges halt law designed to stop the opening of a second women's prison

2/13/18 Oregon Innocence Project statement on the denial of our client Jesse Johnson's motion for DNA testing

12/05/17 Oregon Justice Resource Center response to the Disability Rights Oregon report about conditions for juveniles confined at Northern Oregon Regional Correctional Facility (NORCOR), entitled "Don't Look Around."

11/15/17 New Immigrant Rights Project will provide statewide legal services to help keep Oregon families together

OJRC in the news

11/13/18 Willamette Week: Civil rights advocates proposed an alternative to Portland Mayor’s protest restrictions

11/13/18 Portland Mercury: City’s “Spirit of Portland” recipient declines award over Mayor’s protest ordinance

11/13/18 KATU: ‘Like you died’: Exonerated man rails against state’s now unique non-unanimous jury system

10/19/18 Portland Tribune: Report shows reform decreased racial disparities in drug convictions

10/2/18 NPR: Oregon appeals court hears challenge to non-unanimous convictions

9/25/18 OPB: Think Out Loud

9/23/18 The Oregonian: exoneration shows need to repeal Oregon’s nonunanimous jury rule

9/21/18 The Register-Guard: DAs should work with the Oregon Innocence Project

9/20/18 BBC News: Five surprising reasons prisoners have been freed

9/19/18 Willamette Week: Protester who suffered traumatic brain injury from a flash-bang grenade intends to sue Portland Police

9/19/18 OPB: Exonerations raise questions about Oregon’s controversial jury system

9/13/18 Washington Post: A dead-dog story helped convict a man of child sex abuse. Then the black lab was found alive

9/13/18 OPB: Think Out Loud

9/11/18 CBS News: Dog Lucy the Lab overturned a sex abuse conviction

9/11/18 KOIN: Labrador saves Oregon man from sex conviction

9/11/18 BBC News: Labrador saves US man from wrongful sex abuse prison term

9/11/18 The Oregonian: New mental health alliance wants say on police reform settlement

9/10/18 The Oregonian: Discovery of dog leads to case dismissed against Oregon man convicted of sex abuse

9/10/18 The Bulletin: Charges dropped for Redmond man with 50-year prison sentence

9/10/18 KTVZ: Redmond man cleared of abuse conviction, 50-year sentence

9/10/18 Willamette Week: Central Oregon man cleared of child sex abuse charges after Oregon Innocence Project intervenes in case

9/10/18 OPB: Redmond man exonerated after being sentenced to 50 years in prison

8/28/18 The World: Sheriffs across the state call on voters to support a repeal of Oregon’s sanctuary law

8/27/18 The Oregonian: Oregon sanctuary law: 16 sheriffs urge support for repeal effort

8/22/18 Bridgeliner: “Rehabilitation is difficult, but never impossible”

8/1/18 Bridgeliner: In Oregon’s justice system, who deserves a second chance?

8/1/18 The Oregon Defense Attorney: Immigration - representing noncitizen defendants in Oregon

7/18/18 Willamette Week: US Rep. Earl Blumenauer called for the abolition of ICE. Then Republicans threatened to make him vote on it.

7/11/18 Willamette Week: An Oregon jail housing immigration detainees failed to meet 81 federal rules. Here are six

6/29/18 The Lund Report: Vancouver trust gives money to Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare

5/17/18 The Stranger: ICE can and will use cannabis against you

5/16/18 Portland Mercury: ICE can and will use cannabis against you

5/11/18 The Crime Report: Oregon court denies appeal for school shooter Kip Kinkel, upholds 112-year term

5/10/18 The Register-Guard: Oregon Supreme Court upholds Thurston High School shooter Kip Kinkel's 112-year prison sentence

5/10/18 The Oregonian: Thurston shooter Kip Kinkel's 112-year prison term is constitutional, high court rules

5/7/18 Willamette Week: A controversial jail in The Dalles says it will stop turning over undocumented immigrants to ICE agents

5/7/18 OPB: NORCOR jail changes immigration policy

5/1/18 Multnomah Lawyer: Crimmigration: Where immigration law and criminal law meet