Our major areas of work are:

  • Mass incarceration

  • Actual innocence and wrongful convictions

  • Women intersecting with the criminal justice system

  • Youth justice and fair sentencing of youth

  • The intersection of criminal law and immigration law known as "crimmigration"

  • Re-entry and the collateral consequences of convictions

  • The death penalty

  • Civil rights of people intersecting with the criminal justice system and law enforcement

  • Training law students

Primary media contact

Alice Lundell, Director of Communication
503.563.3356 |

Press releases, statements, and letters

11/7/19 Press Release: Failing survivor-defendants, why Oregon must do more for defendants who are also victims of domestic violence

10/7/19 Statement from Levi Merrithew Horst and the Oregon Justice Resource Center re the filing of a complaint against the City Of Portland on behalf of three counter-protestors

9/5/19 Oregon Justice Resource Center opposes Patriot Prayer’s planned march in Portland and rejects Islamophobia

8/17/19  The Oregon Justice Resource Center files a lawsuit against Joe Biggs and Tara LaRosa and seeks injunction to stop them from convening, rallying and engaging in the “End domestic terrorism” rally planned for Saturday, August 17th

6/25/19 Testimony of Juan Chavez on proposed changes to the Oregon Department of Corrections grievance rules

6/21/19 Statement about the Oregon Department of Justice’s intent to seek cert. at the U.S. Supreme Court in White v. Premo

6/17/19 Statement on the passage of HB 2631

5/7/19 More defendants named in Cider Riot lawsuit against Patriot Prayer

5/3/19 Statement regarding the filing of a complaint against Patriot Prayer

4/16/19 Statement from the OJRC on the passing of the youth sentencing reform bills by the Oregon Senate

3/13/19 Statement from the OJRC on California governor Gavin Newsom’s decision to introduce a moratorium on executions and the implications for Oregon leaders

2/27/19 Survey reveals high levels of past experience of abuse and trauma among Oregon’s women in prison

2/14/19 Statement from CAIR Oregon, the Oregon Justice Resource Center and Western States Center regarding reports of texts between Portland Police officer Lt. Jeff Niiya and Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson

2/7/19 Portland civil rights organizations welcome signing of City Council resolution against white supremacy

11/14/18 Joint statement from the ACLU of Oregon, CAIR Oregon, the OJRC and the Western States Center on the defeat of the proposed protest ordinance.


OJRC in the news

10/7/19 Portland Mercury: Injured protesters file joint lawsuit against Portland Police for August 2018 tactics

10/1/19 OPB: Analysis: Few pending cases meet Oregon’s higher bar for death penalty

9/26/19 Portland Mercury: Oregon’s death penalty is almost nonexistent - so why can’t we get rid of it?

9/26/19 OPB: Patient to sue Oregon State Hospital over admission delay

9/18/19 The Oregonian: No special session to ‘fix’ Oregon’s death penalty, says Gov. Kate Brown

9/17/19 Statesman Journal: Oregon asks US Supreme Court to hold overturned sentences of Salem teen murderers

9/12/19 Statesman Journal: Oregon AG: Supreme Court ruling could invalidate ‘1000s of convictions’

8/7/19 Portland Mercury: New report calls mass incarceration a public health crisis in Oregon

8/7/19 OPB: New report asks Oregon governor to declare incarceration a public health issue

8/1/19 The Oregonian: Calling Oregon death penalty costly and immoral governor signs bill limiting its use

6/24/19 The Oregonian: Opinion: AG Rosenblum should act consistently with her statements and beliefs

6/21/19 The Oregonian: State seeks U.S. Supreme Court review of ruling that overturned 67-year sentences for 15-year-old brothers who killed elderly couple

6/21/19 Statesman Journal: Salem twins’ ‘life’ sentences in limbo, could go to U.S. Supreme Court

6/19/19 OPB: New bill would provide civil legal attorneys to Oregon women’s prison

6/5/19 The Oregonian: Man acquitted of disorderly conduct from June 4, 2017 protest now suing city, Portland and state police

6/5/19 OPB: Counter-protester suing City of Portland, police for claims of false arrest

5/24/19 The Oregonian: ‘Historic’ bill that changes Oregon’s juvenile justice system heads to governor’s desk

5/13/19 Portland Tribune: Cider Riot, Patriot Prayer prepare for $1 million lawsuit

5/10/19 Portland Mercury: Mother of Terrell Johnson requests federal trial for son’s death by Portland cop

5/8/19 Willamette Week: Amanda Knox is still haunted by the murder charges she beat because people won’t stop talking about them

5/7/19 KGW: Cider Riot owner speaks out after brawl with Patriot Prayer members