Women in Prison Conference 2018: Women and Measure 11

Women in Prison Conference 2018: Women and Measure 11. This report describes the presentations given at our annual conference on justice-involved women, the Women in Prison Conference, in 2018.

Unlocking Measure 57

"Unlocking Measure 57" (Updated May 2018) This report explains the history of sentencing laws as they relate to repeat property offender laws and Measure 57. Measure 57 created a mandatory minimum sentencing scheme for repeat property offenses. For legislators and policymakers who are serious about leveling off or even reversing the increasing rates of women incarcerated in Oregon, the solution is clear. Lawmakers must act to repeal Measure 57 and directly tackle mandatory minimum sentencing of repeat property offenders, which, as we have seen, is overly broad and overly punitive. Repealing Measure 57 is the surest and swiftest way to make a significant impact on the ever-growing number of women in our justice system.

Download an infographic about the links between property crime and addiction which accompanies this report.

An Alternative to women's prison expansion in Oregon

"An Alternative to Women's Prison Expansion in Oregon" (September 2016) In response to the overcrowding at Oregon's only women's prison and the legislature's discussions to release emergency funds to open a second women's prison, this report suggests immediate solutions to reduce the number of women incarcerated in prison in Oregon.

Women in prison in Oregon

 "Women in Prison in Oregon" (September 2016) This report compiles publicly available information about Oregon's women in prison into one resource.

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