Our major areas of work are:

  • Innocence and wrongful convictions, exonerations, legal reforms to prevent wrongful convictions

  • Mass incarceration

  • Justice-involved women

  • The intersection between criminal law and immigration law, sometimes called "crimmigration"

  • Prisoner reentry and the collateral consequences of convictions

  • Youth justice

  • The death penalty

  • Training law students

Primary media contact

Alice Lundell, Director of Communication
503.563.3356 | alundell@ojrc.info


11/14/18 Joint statement from the ACLU of Oregon, CAIR Oregon, the OJRC and the Western States Center on the defeat of the proposed protest ordinance.

9/19/18 Statement regarding Aaron Anthony Cantu’s Tort Claim Notice

9/10/18 Oregon Innocence Project announces its first exoneration

8/27/18 Statement in response to 16 Oregon Sheriffs backing anti-immigrant, racial profiling ballot measure

8/21/18 Statement in response to Nationwide Prison Strike

7/17/18 Statement in response to comments by the Portland Police Association about houselessness in Portland and the City's response to it

7/11/18 Statement in response to a review of conditions for ICE detainees at NORCOR

6/6/18 Response from the OJRC to news of state and local agencies cooperating with ICE

5/16/18 Statement regarding the decision of the Oregon Supreme Court in State v. Norgren

5/10/18 Statement regarding the decision of the Oregon Supreme Court in Kinkel v. Persson

5/7/18 Unlocking Measure 57 update: News advisory

5/1/18 This is Innocence: News advisory

2/27/18 Juvenile justice joint letter to Governor Brown and legislators

2/14/18 Clackamas judges halt law designed to stop the opening of a second women's prison

2/13/18 Oregon Innocence Project statement on the denial of our client Jesse Johnson's motion for DNA testing

12/05/17 Oregon Justice Resource Center response to the Disability Rights Oregon report about conditions for juveniles confined at Northern Oregon Regional Correctional Facility (NORCOR), entitled "Don't Look Around."

OJRC in the news

11/13/18 Willamette Week: Civil rights advocates proposed an alternative to Portland Mayor’s protest restrictions

11/13/18 Portland Mercury: City’s “Spirit of Portland” recipient declines award over Mayor’s protest ordinance

11/13/18 KATU: ‘Like you died’: Exonerated man rails against state’s now unique non-unanimous jury system

10/19/18 Portland Tribune: Report shows reform decreased racial disparities in drug convictions

10/2/18 NPR: Oregon appeals court hears challenge to non-unanimous convictions

9/25/18 OPB: Think Out Loud

9/23/18 The Oregonian: exoneration shows need to repeal Oregon’s nonunanimous jury rule

9/21/18 The Register-Guard: DAs should work with the Oregon Innocence Project

9/20/18 BBC News: Five surprising reasons prisoners have been freed

9/19/18 Willamette Week: Protester who suffered traumatic brain injury from a flash-bang grenade intends to sue Portland Police

9/19/18 OPB: Exonerations raise questions about Oregon’s controversial jury system

9/13/18 Washington Post: A dead-dog story helped convict a man of child sex abuse. Then the black lab was found alive

9/13/18 OPB: Think Out Loud

9/11/18 CBS News: Dog Lucy the Lab overturned a sex abuse conviction

9/11/18 KOIN: Labrador saves Oregon man from sex conviction

9/11/18 BBC News: Labrador saves US man from wrongful sex abuse prison term

9/11/18 The Oregonian: New mental health alliance wants say on police reform settlement

9/10/18 The Oregonian: Discovery of dog leads to case dismissed against Oregon man convicted of sex abuse

9/10/18 The Bulletin: Charges dropped for Redmond man with 50-year prison sentence

9/10/18 KTVZ: Redmond man cleared of abuse conviction, 50-year sentence

9/10/18 Willamette Week: Central Oregon man cleared of child sex abuse charges after Oregon Innocence Project intervenes in case

9/10/18 OPB: Redmond man exonerated after being sentenced to 50 years in prison

8/28/18 The World: Sheriffs across the state call on voters to support a repeal of Oregon’s sanctuary law

8/27/18 The Oregonian: Oregon sanctuary law: 16 sheriffs urge support for repeal effort

8/22/18 Bridgeliner: “Rehabilitation is difficult, but never impossible”

8/1/18 Bridgeliner: In Oregon’s justice system, who deserves a second chance?

8/1/18 The Oregon Defense Attorney: Immigration - representing noncitizen defendants in Oregon

7/18/18 Willamette Week: US Rep. Earl Blumenauer called for the abolition of ICE. Then Republicans threatened to make him vote on it.

7/11/18 Willamette Week: An Oregon jail housing immigration detainees failed to meet 81 federal rules. Here are six

6/29/18 The Lund Report: Vancouver trust gives money to Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare

5/17/18 The Stranger: ICE can and will use cannabis against you

5/16/18 Portland Mercury: ICE can and will use cannabis against you

5/11/18 The Crime Report: Oregon court denies appeal for school shooter Kip Kinkel, upholds 112-year term

5/10/18 The Register-Guard: Oregon Supreme Court upholds Thurston High School shooter Kip Kinkel's 112-year prison sentence

5/10/18 The Oregonian: Thurston shooter Kip Kinkel's 112-year prison term is constitutional, high court rules

5/7/18 Willamette Week: A controversial jail in The Dalles says it will stop turning over undocumented immigrants to ICE agents

5/7/18 OPB: NORCOR jail changes immigration policy

5/1/18 Multnomah Lawyer: Crimmigration: Where immigration law and criminal law meet