Thank you for contacting the Immigrant Rights Project. 

IRP Intake Instructions

  • Please provide all the requested information in the form linked below. We know it's a lot. We must have this information in order to properly evaluate your client's situation. Trust us, it's worth it.

  • Please provide a copy of your client's green card or work card, if at all possible.

  • If there is not enough space for you to answer a question completely, email any additional information and documents to and include your ticket number in the subject line.

  • If there are more than two prior federal, municipal or out of state convictions, email for additional Conviction Information Sheets.

  • All the information that you provide to the IRP is confidential and will not be released without signed authorization. We’ve created a Handout for Defendants that you can give clients, explaining the IRP and what we do.

  • If you do not understand certain words or questions, contact IRP attorneys Joseph Justin Rollin and Erin McKee at 503-944-2270.

For each pending criminal case, please email copies of the following documents, if available:

  • Discovery

  • Plea offers

  • State and FBI rap sheet

For each prior out of state or municipal conviction, please send copies of the following, if available:

  • Charging document, plea agreement and judgment/sentence

  • If these are not available, please send the docket or minutes from the plea and sentence

By making a request for a consultation with the Oregon Justice Resource Center Immigrant Rights Project (“IRP”), the requesting public defense provider (“PDP") acknowledges that the consultation does not create any obligations by the IRP to the client of the PDP. The IRP will not contact PDP’s clients directly, and the consultation with IRP is not meant in any way to create a direct attorney-client relationship with clients of PDP. The IRP agrees to maintain the confidentiality of all information provided by the PDP, and the IRP will not engage in representation adverse to the PDP’s client.  The PDP must provide the IRP with the names of their clients in order to allow the IRP to check for possible conflicts. The IRP takes the position that consultations with the IRP are implicitly authorized, as the consultation allows PDP to fulfill their ethical duties to their clients. 

For all correspondence regarding your client, please reference the ticket number you received from the IRP via email.

Online Immigration Intake Form
Printable Immigration Intake Form
Printable Spanish/English Client Information
Guide to Completing IRP Intake
Handout for Defendants—Understanding How the IRP Assists with Your Case (English/Spanish)