You've learned how more aggressive charging practices, mandatory minimum sentencing, and charging more crimes as felonies has driven the sharp rise in women's incarceration in Oregon.

You know that the number of women in prison in our state has tripled in the last twenty years.

We're as frustrated as you are with the fact that locking people up does not effectively address the root causes of social and public health problems such as addiction.

But there is something you can do right now that will make a difference.

It's time for you to take action.

Contact your legislators today and ask them to support House Bill 3078. You can call them on the phone, email them, or send them snail mail. However you do it, do it now.

House Bill 3078 will address the disproportionate impact that Oregon's outsize sentences for property and drug crimes have on women.

The bill will realign sentencing laws to save on added prison costs and enable more money to be invested in addiction and mental health treatment as well as community supervision programs.

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