Deep racial disparities exist in every aspect of our criminal justice system. These disparities are a shameful legacy of racism that we have yet to fully confront in any honest and meaningful way. Until and unless we are willing to confront racism and bigotry directly, we will continue to bear witness to the acts of inhumanity we have witnessed across this country and in Oregon. Until and unless we are willing to unapologetically stand-up and support those who speak-out for racial justice and equity, we will continue to foster a culture in which black, brown and the other will always be in the crosshairs. 

The OJRC is committed to lifting-up a conversation around racial justice in Oregon by openly confronting and acknowledging Oregon's legacy of racism and its impact on our current criminal justice policies. The OJRC will effort to expose Oregon's past as it relates to its treatment of racial and ethnic minorities and elucidate its connection to our present justice system. Stay tuned, we expect to have this project fully developed by mid-2018.