Mass Incarceration at the Local Level: A Roadmap for Reimagining our Criminal Justice System

"[I]f you want more justice in the justice system, then we’ve all got to vote not just for a president, but for mayors, and sheriffs, and state’s attorneys and state legislators…that’s where criminal laws are made, and we’ve got to work with police and protesters until laws and practices are changed.” -President Obama

The OJRC is in the process of creating a toolkit for criminal justice reform that will detail the power dynamics of local stakeholders as they relate to the criminal justice system, so that community organizers and advocates can better understand how to most effectively enact change. OJRC expects to make this resource available soon.

In addition to our core Projects (OIP, WJP), the OJRC is working towards reform on the following criminal justice issues by developing a communications campaign around each of these issues through the lenses of our projects; using the stories of our clients to highlight unfairness, injustices, and disparities in the system; analyzing the data from government agencies; and analyzing and disseminating existing data that show where reform is needed in Oregon’s criminal justice system:

  • Bail and Pre-Trial Detention
  • Clemency
  • Excessive Punishment
  • Jails
  • Juvenile Justice
  • Mandatory Minimums and Sentencing
  • Non-Unanimous Juries
  • Parole and Post-Prison Supervision
  • Prosecutorial Oversight
  • Racial and Ethnic Disparities 

To learn more, please contact our Political Director, Kate Gonsalves.