Civil Rights Project

Civil Rights Project (CRP): The criminal legal system in the Oregon raises serious constitutional and civil rights concerns, which play out on a number of fronts: racial disparities in arrests, convictions, and sentencing; criminalization of poverty; misconduct and abuse by law enforcement; and, cruel and unusual conditions of confinement, to name a few.

The CRP examines, tracks, and litigates civil rights issues related to the criminal justice system. The CRP seeks to secure equal and fair treatment individuals intersecting with the criminal legal system, and accountability and systemic reform through strategic litigation, public education, programming, and policy advocacy.

Working with OJRC’s executive director, Juan Chavez will develop and implement the mission and goals of the CRP.

Project Director and Attorney: Juan C. Chavez has practiced law in Oregon since 2013. His practice focuses on ending mass incarceration. He was on the Advisory Committee for the Oregon Justice Resource Center’s Women’s Justice Project, and is the Communications Coordinator for the Portland Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. He attended the Willamette University College of Law, where he worked at the International Human Rights Clinic and the Marion County Public Defenders office. He loves to pet dogs he meets on the street.
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Tort Claim Notice Zamora-Skaar

Luis Enrique Marquez v. Joseph Biggs, Tara LaRosa

Demand on behalf of Pop Mob for a retraction by the City of Portland

Alicia Johnson representing the Estate of Terrell Johnson v. City of Portland, Samson Ajir et al.

Cider Riot, LLC, and Abram Goldman-Armstrong v. Patriot Prayer USA, LLC, Joseph Gibson et al.

Brief in opposition to motion to dismiss in Mora-Contreras and Staggs v. Peters, et al.

Mistina Ferri representing the Estate of Tina Ferri v. State of Oregon (Oregon Department of Corrections)

Mental Health Alliance’s Motion for Enhanced-Amicus Curiae Status

Tort Claim Notice Anthony Aaron Cantu


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