The Civic Forum: The Impact of Incarceration

January 31

4 pm - 5:30 pm

Smith Memorial Student Union, Vanport Ballroom, Portland State University, 1825 SW Broadway, Portland OR 97201

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The American criminal justice system holds almost 2.3 million people in state and federal prisons, juvenile correctional facilities, local jails, Indian county jails, military prisons, immigration detention facilities, and more. Every year, more than 625,000 individuals reenter society. This leaves us asking: what is the impact of incarceration? This is what we will explore as citizens together on January 31st.

If you've ever wondered how we could mobilize the community to come alongside the women and men who are incarcerated in Oregon, this Civic Forum is the event for you. Come learn and ask new questions with us!

We're looking for 600+ curious, passionate, and redemptive Oregonians who are interested in learning from:

  • Director of the Oregon Department of Corrections, Colette Peters

  • Executive Director of Oregon Justice Resource Center, Bobbin Singh

  • Pastor of Life Change Church, Mark Strong

  • President of Portland Leadership Foundation, Anthony Jordan

  • A brave Oregonian who was formerly incarcerated and her advocate -- Jackie Whitt, Red Lodge and Julia Yoshimoto, Director, Women’s Justice Project, Oregon Justice Resource Center.

  • And more!

What if we had a robust, community-owned strategy that reframed the rehabilitation and reentry of those in prison in Oregon? What if a statewide strategy emerged? What would that look like?

In partnership with the Portland Leadership Foundation.