Our major areas of work are:

  • Innocence and wrongful convictions, exonerations, legal reforms to prevent wrongful convictions
  • Mass incarceration
  • Women in prison
  • Prisoner reentry and the collateral consequences of convictions
  • The death penalty
  • Training law students

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Primary media contact:
Alice Lundell, Director of Communication
Office: 503-944-2270 x211 | Direct: 503-563-3356 | Cell: 503-781-1405 | Email: alundell@ojrc.info

Press Releases and media advisories

06/26/17 New advocacy guide helps Multnomah County residents zero in on criminal justice reform: Press Release

05/30/17 Statement from the Oregon Justice Resource Center on the arraignment of Jeremy Christian

05/04/17 Statement from the Oregon Justice Resource Center in response to the Fair Punishment Project report: "The promise of sanctuary cities and the need for criminal justice reforms in an era of mass deportation."

04/27/17 San Antonio Four visit Portland to support Oregon Innocence Project: Press Release

04/27/17 San Antonio Four visit Portland to support Oregon Innocence Project: News Advisory

04/11/17 Oregon Innocence Project statement on the National Commission on Forensic Science

03/1/17 Oregon Justice Resource Center response to new report on conditions for people with mental illness in the Multnomah County Detention Center

02/23/17 Five steps our leaders should take to protect immigrant Oregonians: Press release

02/23/17 Addressing ICE enforcement in Oregon

12/23/16 Oregon Supreme Court orders review in case of Oregon woman serving life sentence for aggravated murder: Press release

12/20/16 Oregon Justice Resource Center statement on the Fair Punishment Project's report: "Oregon's death penalty disproportionately used against persons with significant mental impairments"

12/7/16 Letter from OJRC, ACLU of Oregon, Partnership for Safety and Justice and Lucy Flores to Oregon Public Broadcasting

12/2/16 Statement from Oregon Justice Resource Center on the Governor's budget proposal to fund women's prison expansion

11/18/16 Oregon Justice Resource Center calls on Governor to commute death sentences: Press release

11/18/16 Oregon Governor's Power of Clemency: Legal memo

11/16/16 New academic study shows Oregon death penalty cases cost as much as a million dollars more than comparable non death penalty cases: Press release

10/20/16 Statement from Oregon Justice Resource Center on the finding by the Multnomah County Circuit Court that Michael Davis is ineligible for the death penalty

10/13/16 Statement from Oregon Justice Resource Center regarding reports that a Coffee Creek Correctional Facility officer has been charged with offenses relating to a sexual relationship with an inmate

10/4/16 Oregon's Women in Prison Conference to focus on sentencing this month: Press release

9/26/16 Statement in response to announcement by the Oregon Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police regarding a new approach to drug possession crimes

9/19/16 Confronting Death Row from both sides: Press Release

9/14/16 Six Solutions to Avoid Opening OSP Minimum: Press Release

9/14/16 An Alternative to Women's Prison Expansion in Oregon: Report

9/14/16 Women in Prison in Oregon: Report

8/16/16 Statement in response to guilty plea by Nika Larsen, OSP crime lab scientist