Indigent Defense Project

The goal of the Indigent Defense Project is to promote the improvement in the administration of justice by striving to make sure that each indigent criminal defendant is represented professionally and with dignity. Working hand in hand with the Training Director of Metropolitan Public Defender (MPD), law school students learn the knowledge and skills required to handle a criminal case. Students work on real criminal cases and participate in the development of cases in real time, exploring the complexities of the criminal justice system by working in all areas of criminal defense practice.  Students work on a full range of projects from motions and memoranda to trial preparation and direct client representation (CLS students only). Students work to ensure that each criminal defendant is provided with zealous advocacy and quality representation.

To be eligible to participate in the IDP you must be a full or part time law student available to work in person in Portland, Oregon.

Project Directors: Alex Bassos, Training Director, Metropolitan Public Defender; Bobbin Singh, Executive Director, OJRC

Metropolitan Public Defender (Partner Organization): Metropolitan Public Defender (MPD) is a multi-county, non-profit public defender handling every type and level of criminal and juvenile case, from misdemeanors to capital cases and delinquencies to dependencies. MPD is the largest publice defender in the state with approximately 150,000 cases annually.

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