Advisory Committee


We are actively inviting distinguished individuals to join our Advisory Committee

  • J. Ashlee Albies, Creighton & Rose, PC
  • Alex Bassos, Training Director, Metropolitan Public Defender
  • Lane Borg, Executive Director, Metropolitan Public Defender
  • Pete Castleberry, Castleberry & Elison, P.C.
  • Shauna Curphey, Associate, Curphey & Badger 
  • Emily Elison,  Castleberry & Elison, P.C.
  • Jeffrey Ellis, Director, Oregon Capital Resource Center
  • Steve Kanter, Professor and former Dean, Lewis & Clark Law School
  • Mark Kramer, Attorney, Kramer & Associates
  • Stephen Manning, Partner, Immigrant Law Group PC
  • David Menschel, Director, Vital Projects Fund
  • John Parry, Professor, Lewis & Clark Law School
  • Michael Rose, Partner, Creighton & Rose, PC
  • Erin Snyder, Deputy Defender, Office of Public Defense
  • Juliet Stumpf, Professor, Lewis & Clark Law School

*Affiliations provided for identification purposes only.

Thank you to all of you who have supported and continue to support the OJRC. If your organization would like to be listed as a supporter please contact us at